Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa is often referred to as the Godfather of Hip Hop. Born and raised in the Bronx, he was a member of the Black Spades gang in his early teens. He went on to form the Zulu Nation, dedicated to music - and above all - peace. Bambaataa has cut many records over his career and experimented with many different types of music, such is the very essence of hip hop. The now classic "Planet Rock" has been sampled by many artists over the years, just how many times have you heard the immortal "Party People" sample used?

His hits include "Planet Rock", "Looking For The Perfect Beat", "Shake Ya Rump", "Jazzy Sensation", "Unity Part 1 (The Third Coming)",  "Zulu Nation Throwdown", and "Renegades Of Funk"