Cheryl Lynn

Cheryl Lynn's captivating voice was showcased on great dance hits in the late 70's and early 80's. She signed with Columbia in 1978, and her first album, Cheryl Lynn, featured the hit song "Got To Be Real", which topped the R&B charts and reached number on the 12 pop chart. Her next hit, "Star Love" was a Top 20 R&B hit. She kept things going with "Shake It Up Tonight" in 1981, another Top 10 R&B hit. She teamed with Luther Vandross for a remake of "If This World Were Mine" in 1982, yet another Top 10 hit. She then topped the R&B charts in 1983 with "Encore". She moved to the Manhattan label in 1987 with the single "If You Were Mine", which made it to number 11.

Her hits include "Got to be Real", "Star Love", "Georgy Porgy" (w/ Toto), "I've Got Faith in You", "Shake it up Tonight", "If This World Were Mine" (w/ Luther Vandross), "Encore" and "It's Gonna be Right".