Jeffrey Osborne

As Lionel Richie would do a year later, in 1982 Jeffrey Osborne began the second phase of his amazing career, moving from his long-standing role as lead singer of L.T.D. to a first-rate solo career that continues to this day.

His hits include "She's On The Left", "You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)", "Don't You Get So Mad", "I Really Don't Need No Light", "Only Human", "Stay With Me Tonight", "Don't Stop", "We're Going All The Way", "Borderlines", "On The Wings Of Love", "Plane Love", "If My Brother's In Trouble", "Soweto", "In Your Eyes", "Eenie Meenie", "The Morning After I Made Love To You", "Can't Go Back On A Promise" and "Room With a View"