K-Ci & JoJo

K-Ci & JoJo Hailey have been described as having the ability to sing to the power of ten. Their awesome vocal prowess, a uniquely inimitable combination of raw power (K-Ci) tempered by sweet charm (JoJo), has sustained this dynamic duo over an award-winning ten-year career. There’s an even bigger reason for their unparalleled international success. No doubt, you’re familiar with the expression “game face,” best characterized as a determination to play by the rules as hard as one can. No backing down, ‘cause the game is definitely ON!

Their hits include “Wanna Do You Right,”  “All My Life,” “Royalty,” “How Could You,” “Get Back,” “Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly),”  “Baby Come Back,” “I Wanna Get to Know You,” “Tell Me It's Real,” “Thug n U Thug n Me”