Bernadette Cooper I founded Klymaxx in the early 80's. At the time, I did a lot of advertising in local papers, but found most of the girls through word of mouth. I am the original drummer, but evolved later into the band's personality, rapper and occasional lead singer.

Klymaxx had an amazing impact on women. We were vain and proud of it. We proclaimed statements like: "I know we look good and we're sexy too." We were expressing all the vain things that most women may want to say but never dared to. At least not in public. On a musical level the band didn't rely on any male help since we played all our instruments, which, at the time, was an exceptional fact.

Their Hits Include: “The Men All Pause,” “Meeting In the Ladies Room,” “I Miss You,” “Divas Need Love Too,” “I’d Still Say Yes”