L.T.D. stands for Love Togetherness & Devotion, and they formed in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1968,when Arthur (Lorenzo) Carnegie/saxes/flute/guitar/vocals, Jake Riley/trombone/vocals, Carle (Wayne) Vickers/trumpet/flute/saxes/vocals, and Abraham (Onion) Miller/saxes/vocals, who had been working as members of the (15 piece) "Fantastic Soul Men Orchestra" backing the ever popular duo of "Sam & Dave", along with Jimmy (JD) Davis/MD/keys/vocals, formed their own band named "Love Men ltd". Then they drove to New York City, in a car that they purchased together (a 1956 Chevy), and lived in Spanish Harlem on 49th and Broadway, where Toby Wynn /saxes/vocals, joined them. While performing up and down the eastern seaboard as "Love Men ltd" on a gig in Providence, Rhode Island, Jeffrey Osborne/drums/vocals got with them.

Their Hits Include "Love Ballad,” "Back in Love Again,” "Concentrate On You,” "Holding On"