Mint Condition

The last and perhaps one of the most successful bands of this era was The Time. Ten years after The Time's closure, Super Producers and founding members Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis brought the spirit of R&B back when they first signed Mint Condition. "Mint Condition is a band of world class musicians", says "Terry Lewis. "They can play a diverse range of music from rock, to jazz, or alternative R&B."

The mixture of funk, soul, rock, jazz, Caribbean, and African rhythms is a style that Mint Condition refers to as "Gumbo." This style is present on their latest album "DEFINITION OF A BAND. "We're very musical and that hasn't changes since the first album" (Meant To Be Mint) says keyboard player Keri Lewis. Second keyboard player, Larry Waddell, wrote the first single "What Kind of Man Would I Be" which was certified GOLD in December of 1996.

Their hits include "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes),” "What Kind of Man Would I Be," “If You Love Me,” “You Don’t Have To Hurt No More,” “U Send Me Swinging,” “Forever In Your Eyes”