Naughty by Nature

"Ya down with O.P.P., yeah you know me!" Who wasn't down with "O.P.P." in the early '90s? Who didn't "Hip Hop Hooray" in the clubs waving their hands to and fro Naughty-style? Even those who weren't born when Naughty By Nature stormed out of East Orange, NJ onto the world stage know their songs word for word. Everybody was down with O.P.P., your grandmother, your teachers and even your pastor knew all the words, although they probably wouldn't admit it. "O.P.P," "Hip-Hop Hooray," "Ghetto Bastard," "Jamboree," "Uptown Anthem," and "Feel Me Flow," were more than just infectious, chart topping party anthems, these records helped mark and shape the beginning of a unified Hip-Hop Nation.

Their hits include “O.P.P.,” 'HipHop Hooray,” “Jamboree,” “Everything Gonna Be Alright”