The Salt-N-Pepa story is more than a tale of longevity, multi-Platinum records, and a fist full of industry accolades. Salt-N-Pepa have endured because Salt-N-Pepa matter. Some boast about girl power, however, Salt-N-Pepa have been empowering men and women, boys and girls for over a decade, giving their fans a sense of self worth, purpose and faith. Salt-N-Pepa don't just talk the talk either, they walk the walk of their conviction. From their charity involvement to their own personal philosophies and triumphs, Salt-N-Pepa personify a strength, commitment, intelligence and determination that continues to inspire their fans, critics and peers alike.

Their hits include "Showstoppa,” “Push It,” "Expression,” "Do You Want Me,” "Independent,” "Let's Talk About Sex”