The Shalamar Story started in 1977, when Dick Griffey, booking agent for the U.S television show Soul Train and British producer Simon Soussan decided to branch out and issue a single on the newly formed Soul Train Records. The track was called 'Uptown Festival', a disco medley of Motown hits recorded using a selection of local L.A session musicians and singers. Released under the name Shalamar the record hit the top 30 on both sides of the Atlantic,with its success prompting Griffey to realise that he would have to actually create a performing group to match the demand.

Their hits include "Uptown Festival," "Take That To The Bank," 'The Second Time Around," "Right in the Socket," "Make That Move," "Sweeter as the Days Go By," "This Is for the Lover in You," "This Is for the Lover in You," "A Night to Remember," "Dead Giveaway," "Over and Over," "Dancing in the Sheets" & "Games."