Shirley Caesar

San Francisco Examiner critic James Kelton said, "The energy transmitted between her and her audience makes most rock'n'roll fanaticism seem like empty piety." A quote that still stands true today for the energetic 11-time Grammy Award-winning artist Shirley Caesar. A woman who has always exhibited unparalleled charisma, who could have, long ago, retired and rested on her many successes, does it again. Shirley Caesar is the essence of inspiration and vitality - a global sensation. .

Her hits include "I Won't Be Back," "Hold My Mule," "World Didn't Give It to Me," "Jordan River," "Don't Drive Your Mama Away," "No Charge," "Satan, We're Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down," "He's Working It Out for You," "I'm Getting Ready" & "Don't Be Afraid."