The Romantics

The Romantics are an American rock band often put under the banner of power pop and new wave from DetroitMichiganUnited States, formed in 1977.

The band achieved popularity in the United States, the NetherlandsGermanyCanada, parts of AsiaAustraliaEurope, and Hispanic America on the strength of the band's well-crafted pop songs and high energy shows as well as noted for their look; black vinyl to red leather suits in their music videos. Their two best-charting songs were "What I Like About You", which peaked at number 49 in the US and number two in Australia, and "Talking in Your Sleep", which peaked at number three in the US, number one in Canada, and number 14 in Australia. The two have since become mainstays on '80sclassic rockAOR, and Active rock radio stations.