Trinere Veronica Farrington, Multi-Platinum International Recording Artist (born 29 November 1964 in Miami, Florida), better known as Trinere, is an American singer, songwriter and recording artist with several major dance hits in the 1980s and early '90s who was very influential in the freestyle music genre. Today these songs are considered classics of the freestyle genre.

Early career
Trinere recorded with several record companies, mostly out of Miami, Florida, known for its output of popular freestyle music. Trinere's music was solely produced by legendary Electro Dance Producer "Pretty Tony" Butler. Many consider her the "Queen of Freestyle". Her most notable chart successes were her album Forever Yours (Pandisc, 1991), which reached the Top 40 on Billboard's Hot Black Albums chart for several weeks, and her single "I'll Be All You Ever Need", which raced up the Hot Dance Singles and Hot Club Play charts in the summer of 1986.
A Miami native, she always wanted to sing professionally since the age of five. After graduating from high school, Trinere went on to study music at the University of Miami, Florida.
Trinere was influenced and inspired by singers such as Donna Summer, Natalie Cole, Phillis Hyman, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Teena Marie. 

During her college years, Trinere was the lead vocalist for a popular band in Coconut Grove, Florida, called U4EA. Upon finishing her studies at the University of Miami School of Music. Trinere spent some time working with funk legend Rick James and the Stone City Band.
In 1984, Trinere met famed Electro Freestyle Producer Pretty Tony Butler in Miami. Pretty Tony crossed genres and experimented with producing Freestyle music with Trinere. Trinere's dynamic voice and Pretty Tony's ability to incorporate sounds captivated and solidified a large Latin fanbase, which spread across the U.S., Europe and South America.
Her first release was the single "I Know You Love Me" in 1984; this was re-released two years later. In the same year, Trinere released the classic anthems "All Night”, "Can't Get Enough", followed by "How Can We Be Wrong”, and “I’ll Be All You Ever Need."
Trinere began to tour extensively, selling millions of records around the world, and having a number of dance chart hits.

Music Specialists/Jam Packed Records of Miami released her self-titled debut album in 1986. The album contained not only the previous hits she had already released but also several other tracks which would become classic freestyle anthems, "They’re Playing Our Song" and "I'll Be All You Ever Need". All of them still receive radio airplay to this day.
She released three more albums between 1990 and 1992: Forever Yours (1990), Games (1991) and Trinere's in the House! (1992).
in 1989, Trinere and Pretty Tony had a son, Brandon C. Butler. In 1996, the last single that Trinere would release would be "When I Hear Music", a remix of another Pretty Tony production with Debbie Deb. 

In 1992, Trinere took a spiritual hiatus leaving the music industry and performing for 13 years. In 2005, Trinere decided it was time to return to her love and passion for performing and returned to the stage to reclaim her place as Queen of Freestyle Music. 

Present day
As of 2018, Trinere has continued to perform live internationally, often joining fellow Freestyle/Dance artists such as Lisa Lisa, Stevie B and Shannon, among others. Trinere has performed and enjoyed great success in the UK as well as Brazil where she is known as The Queen of Funk Melody also; known as Freestyle music. She is currently on a North American tour, and continues to perform and record national and internationally, to this day.